Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? Many teenagers and young adults are extremely, deathly, neurotically, physically, mentally naïve. I know that there are a lot of adjectives describing this naïve-ness and stubbornness, but they all, and I mean all, apply to stupid dumb teenagers. We are so stubborn now that we cannot even comprehend the real world. How are we supposed to adapt to the real world and all of its cash and prizes that come with it? Are we going to be the generation that…..ends the world?? Such a thought is grotesque and painful, but it must be considered for the sake of our people and our future generations! There is only vun cause to our problems and that is the evil, corrupt JEW! Zey are ze ones wiz ze good financial skills and are exploiting our lack of skills! They must be stopped! Fourth REICH! We must put into effect Auschwitz! Oh my, I must have gotten carried away…there are better ways to handle this. One way would be to have finance classes in schools starting in middle school. Economics is overlooked in history classes, but in a world where the economy is always a major aspect of our lives, and the effect it has on us, we must be able to understand all area of economics and finance. Many kids have no idea how currency works or why it is valued, which should be taught in middle school. At the high school level, students should learn about personal finances and the stock exchange to understand their own money and how to invest it or save it. (Mrs. McGuire, please do not take that seriously, you know I kiddin' and aint no big deal).

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